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Milf Housewife

100% Genuine

Why is this site here? I have really enjoyed being on FAB swingers and met some lovely people but also get messed around a lot. I wake up some days and just feel like having sex with stragers, I have a partner that encourages me to so would love to be able to message my own reliable men to join me either on their own or in a small group. I am hoping you like what you read so will join me. To do that just click my meets above

Although I am an older lady I have a petite size 8 body with a nice flat tummy and quite big enhamced boobs. Many men have told me I am pretty and realy good at sex so hopefully when we meet you will be very happy and want to come back for more.

SO WHAT AM I LOOKING FOR ...................

Next meet Saturday 8th June

Looking for sex at the weekend

  • The sort of fun I like - It is the feeling of being used and left that really turns me on. I will kiss you suck your cock and you can fuck me and spunk on y face. I don’t want long drawn out get togethers, no fingering me or going down on me just use me, spunk on my face and leave the perfect "no strings attached" sex.
  • Fuck me at my home - When I have an empty house I am happy to meet you at my own home, sometimes I just want you to walk in unload onto my face and leave or for you to fuck me on your own or with a few other men. 
  • Suck you off in a car – Being out in public with a man’s spunk on my face or in my hair is an unbelievable turn on for me. I am always looking for a cock to suck early evening before I go out for a glass of wine, weekends before I go shopping or simply pop around in the evening while I am watching the tele wank onto my face then leave
  • Videoing me being used - A mayor part of the thrill for me is to look back at me being used. I really want our meets to be recorded. It is 100% purely for my own viewing, kept on an encrypted drive and will never go anywhere else apart from my PC. If you are not 100% comfortable with my get-togethers are not for you
  • Sharing costs - If we meet at my home or in a car of course there are no costs to share When I book a hotel or apartment which I do regularly I simply ask to share the costs. I hope you have seen by my fab profile I am genuine and real. This is not to make money but to simply share the costs. I understand if this bit is not for you and you don’t have to join me in these places

Take a look at my meets for details