Facial Lover

Here for all of us to have some fun!

I am a 100% genuine sex obsessed English cougar housewife with a love of facials, nylons stockings, high heels and best of all the feeling of being used by strangers. I have been like this for as long as I can remember and thankfully I have a boyfriend who encourages me to have as much fun as I want so this site is here so we can get together.

As the name of my site suggests I am not a young girl but a slim petite woman in my early 50's. I have been told that I am very attractive standing only 5ft 1" a 36 25 36 figure and an F cup for all the boob lovers out there. I am looking for men to enjoy me either on their own or in a small group. I do hire places so I do ask for a small contribution to help cover my costs. If this is not for you of course I understand and wish you the very best of luck

One of the things that really turns me on is to look back at a video of men using me it is genuinely 100% for my own personal use and is kept of a safe encrypted disk. If you are happy for you to video me or my boyfriend to video me being used please let me know - I will be very grateful

Just to keep things simple I ask for a small contribution of £40 for us to meet to simply help cover costs. If this is not for you I understand and wish you the best of luck 

Meet at house in Alcester

I regularly use an air bnb property for some fun either just me and you or in a small group. Fortunately the owner actively encourages me to enjoy male company there so all is above board. The property is in the B49 area and is discrete and private with parking on the grounds

Meet at your hotel

We all love hotel sex and going to visit a stranger in his room where I can suck you off or better still let you fuck me
is a real turn on.
It is even better is if can leave to go for a glass of wine with your spunk still in my hair and on my clothes

What I like

I don't want a lovey dovey meet I love the feeling of being used so just enjoy me and please no long long marathon meets.
I always dress to please in heels stockings and nice clothes sometimes you can request certain things for me to wear

Car BJ

If the house is not available occasionally I can meet you in your car for a BJ. I do prefer you to visit me but I do find it exciting to visit you sometimes it is just so rude and it make me feel cheap which I find a real turn on
Hopefully I can leave with your spunk on my face

Contact me to arrange some fun 

I am able to rent the property at different times in the week and on the weekend. The owner is flexible and fine with us having fun
but as it is his place . To see if we can arrange a time meet up
please just email me on genuinefacialmilf@gmail.com letting me know when you want to meet and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
Better still just fill in the form below
Just to keep things simple I ask for a small contribution of £40 for us to meet to simply help cover costs.
If this is not for you I understand and wish you the best of luck 


BnB near Alcester B49

12.30 to 21.00
Most days just messsage to find availability

Car BJ

Sunday afternoons between 2.00 and 3.00
Tuesday nights 4.30 to 6.30 pm

Visit your nearby hotel

I can do this almost anytime, please message to enquire

Lets meet up

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